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  The first time I saw you, you were about ten years old.

Looking ahead of me

I saw you in the crowd among these moving bodies.

You are one of those who take the light for a procession.

So I only saw you.

A few years later, here we are, I'll find you and call you.

On the phone, you are fiery, passionate, you embrace life and you are not afraid of anything.

I feel the fire burning inside you, so I wait impatiently.

Our meeting is shattering, a blaze.

I do not know if it has been years or a few minutes that we repeat this SILVER SHOW.

Time is running out.


5 min before the show - You put your hands on my face looking me in the eyes because I can't hear anything, "it's now, we'll show them"

5 min after the start of the show - I open the door,  I see you on stage.

I see, moved, everything that the public still does not know about you.

Your presence in this parade, seemed insane, alongside 96-year-old women.

So you wanted to know each person in order to understand, see, listen.

  You came and then the fire was rekindled.

You enlightened them.

That night, life had a body and you danced for them.

  I watch you dance now, having become a man, not a child,

like in an arena where you would bring your dreams to light.

But what I saw above all,  It's your  perpetual questioning.

When you believe you are in doubt, you work harder to prove to yourself that you are only right, in all humility.

You marvel at the world, which is waiting for you.


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