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This project is a stroll according to the rooms, according to the discoveries and the insights that penetrate into the former Banque de France de Granville. The lights guide me, every moment.

Sometimes coming from above, sometimes against the light, never artificial, always solar.

This light is the one that wakes us up in the morning to go to work, which brings us back to our friends, our colleagues, which makes us meet people over a drink on the terrace and the one which pushes us to go to bed at night. .

It is she who splashes Asia, the Middle East then Europe, Africa before crossing the ocean. And all this, every day, for an eternal beginning.

This light is our bond to all of us, and it is this light that illuminates the faces of the models during this series of images. Models of different origins, ages and backgrounds.

This collection is luminous, and it is therefore a pleasure for me to participate in this beautiful project of exchange and tolerance.

Photographed by Arnaud Guillaume

A name had to answer every face

Arnaud Guillaume

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Freelance photographer since 2014.

Arnaud GUILLAUME was born in the Paris region in 1990. At one year old, he arrived in Carolles (Normandy) where he grew up. Very young, his curiosity and his desire to understand inevitably attracted him in front of the television news.

In 2000, he was 10 years old, his first experience of world news was the Concorde crash in Gonesse. Then came the attacks on the Wold Trade Center in 2001.

Obsessed by information Arnaud sees himself as a historian. But it is the desire to be as close as possible to History that attracts him.

In 2011, with the images of James Nachtwey or Patrick Chauvel in mind, he joined EFET, a higher school of photography in Paris, where he spent 3 years. There he discovers the Parisian demonstrations, the excitement of the field and the world moving in front of his camera. But he prefers what is called cold news instead of following the ever faster locomotive of hot news.

In 2014, wanting to understand and form his own opinion, Arnaud went to the ZAD of Notre Dame des Landes where he spent several weeks (work exhibited at the Arles meetings as well as at Pavillon Sous Bois as part of the week of photography).

In 2015, he documented for several months the lives of people who chose to live on their boat in the ports of the French coast (work exhibited at the Open Eye in Granville) In 2016, he chose to work on migration and decides to go to the Calais jungle, but also to Lebanon and Turkey in order to document the life of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Since 2017, Arnaud is again based in Granville.

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