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Three notions that I explore visually within the photographic series produced  with Cassandre Lemeilleur for his project “The Art of Being Unhappy”. In my eyes, these are also notions that represent Cassandre's artistic work.

It is a matter of matter, which lives in time. A story and a meeting between individuals, of all ages, from different backgrounds coming from all backgrounds. With this series of images, I wanted to build a visual story that evokes the friendship between two people.

Various elements confront each other, the body  bare, flowers from the cemetery, a crumbling wall, an empty room ... These poetic figures accompany the main photographic work on the pieces produced by Cassandre. It is a staging work around the theme of friendship between two people.

A friendship that lasts  and who crosses  time, which we can contemplate in the direction that suits us. It remains immutable, woven into clothes, engraved in the skin and over time as it passes, leaves traces through matter, whether organic or not.


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My photographic work focuses on stories within different territories such as mine, but also those which are far from me, where culture, identity, history and environment meet.

Between photojournalism and contemporary photography, I aim to build an intimate portrait of each subject I photograph from social interactions within different groups of individuals and the landscapes in which they live.

After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Rennes, photography is my favorite medium, my goal is to question its possibilities with an artistic approach by blurring the boundaries between art and documentary photography.

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