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For the shooting of the collection “The art of being Unhappy” by Collectif Amour, the inspiration is that of the prom.

We can find the key codes of this event known to all North American students, with the brooch, sequins, pastel colors and romanticism.

The representation of love is that of adolescent love, pure, simple and immortal love. An indelible love, etched forever in our memory with a sweet nostalgic memory.

A carefree, light period where the three couples photographed are divided between tender age and a demonstration of nascent maturity.

Adolscent loves

Of Bordelaise origin, Tracy Pakoua is a young press attaché living in Paris.

From an early age, the urge to assert her creativity has always been a need she could not fight against.

Through painting and photography, Tracy discloses a universe of her own, feminine, sweet and romantic.

Pastel colors, sensual and intimate, the art she wants to share is unique, in order to capture the present moment that will be blocked forever.

The use of a film camera is the key element of his project. The colors are nuanced, delicate as frozen in the 80s at the limit of the cliché. The nostalgia for a past era which in the imagination of the photographer reflects a strong moment with the emancipation of mores, a new air with great opportunities.

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