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Happy feast to you,

the life

Mathilde, my very dear childhood friend

Pascale, his mom


Eva Rose, her Flower

Photographed by Cassandre


My so dear Mathilde, my lifelong friend.

You who have had several lives and who inspire me with your courage and strength of character.

It is today that our paths finally meet.

You have just given life to this person who will have such a special place in my heart.

You are today, more than my life story.

You have become a symbol.

The transmission.

Today, through you, it is all the Women that I would like to celebrate.

Some will celebrate, like you, for the first time their new role of mother, whether natural or from elsewhere, wanted or not.

Some have chosen to remain Aunts, Godmothers, Friends, Mother-in-law, Sisters, Shoulders, Mother Figure, Teacher, Educator, by choice or by the life that had decided so.

She would have another role than that of being a mother, but would be figures of transmission and Love.

Today, through you, and what you represent, I wish to celebrate Life, Death, Remembrance.

To all those who can no longer wish their Mum a happy birthday, to those for whom it is so hard, to those who have become mothers in spite of themselves, to those who are a father and who have filled the absence, to all of you who pass on a few things to someone every day.



I want to celebrate you. You, You, She, Me, Us.

  You have been able to keep your Remembrance intact and have built your lives around it to protect it. It's Your Story.

So today, dream in color and celebrate the Life you have chosen to lead!


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