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AMOUR COLLECTIVE est une marque aux valeurs familiales fortes. Chaque personne peut avoir une voix et devenir un visage. L'inclusion est l'un des piliers de chacune de nos actions.

Cassandre Lemeilleur

Fashion designer

We are also what we experienced, what we loved.
We then continue the story, with the memory.
To recover in order to create is to continue to write.

Resume things in the right order, adapt to the person,

take into account what it is.
Show everyone, as much as possible.
Love - it was necessary to put a name on all the faces of the world.

The only fad to follow is your own.
Since clothing is social adornment, make it authentic.

To the question "are you wearing your grandmother's curtains?",

you can now answer yes.


Capture d’écran 2022-11-04 à 09.21.43.png

Désacraliser la mode qui ne représente pas un courant à suivre,

et donner l'envie de faire de ses différences une force.

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