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Choreography  Victor Duclos

Photographed by Jasmine Bannister

The valseuses

Evelyne Enault & Marie Weiss

Les Valseuses

         When the city of Granville offered me this project: to do an intergenerational parade in the archipelago performance hall. To have free time, with the only constraint, not to choose the models. I admit I hesitated for a second.

I met a hundred people for this event. Months of making great gestures to explain each painting of this show that I was the only one to visualize.

  Now you just had to trust me and hang on.

The challenge was accepted.

So I listened, I fed on each story, each handicap, doubt, obvious complex or admitted weakness.

Each of their weakness made my determination infallible and  the desire to believe that everything was going to be possible.

During the first meeting of this project, I hear this sentence around a corner, which will remain one of the most important.  


- Illness took away the first steps of their husbands' waltz,  they can no longer dance.

The meetings follow one another. I see all these frightened eyes, these shy smiles, these "I no longer walk alone my dear, it seems impossible" while I mechanically repeat the explanation of the show I dreamed of. I don't even hear myself speak anymore, I observe the reactions, in front of this flame that I try to transmit to them.

One day, I see these two women, it is obvious. My waltzes. They are in front of me.


They laugh loudly, balancing the fragility that we want to protect at all costs and the admirable strength of character. They are beautiful and athletic and I can see in their eyes that they won't need riders anymore.

They accept. All.

This painting is the life of Evelyne and Marie.

Cling to emptiness, dance with memory.

To hurt yourself, to start again, to lose your mind, to get up in the light.

In front of you.

Challenge met.


Les Valseuses
Les Valseuses
Les Valseuses
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