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Photographed by Jasmine Bannister

Jewelry on sale at the  Trailer and jewelry creations in fabrics from  the artist RIKILILI


    One day a woman came in  in our Workshop, donated boxes to us   dusty  - "You will make good use of it, and will continue their Love Stories to all of you, I am sure of it".

Delicately folded, the noble and silky fabrics amaze our curiosity.

A little moved we discover wedding dresses of several generations, mothers,  girls, little girls.

Seeing these fabrics borrowed from stories carefully folded in their century-old boxes;  the idea of making a new story  from these dresses, bloomed in us. Why not,  with these fabrics that bear the weight of time, to dress newlyweds?

People more and more touched by our approach have left us their Dresses. Out of curiosity, so as not to have to look at her and remember,  out of relief sometimes, but always with emotion   .  


  It's true you die with your memories, love never dies, so we remembered our first words when  we started  this adventure.



"We are also what we experienced, what we loved.
We then continue the story, with the memory.
To recover in order to create is to continue to write. "

The greatest care we will now take,  is to tell the stories of your lives to those who will listen, eyes more open than ever, until D-Day.



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We make your wedding dresses to measure with fabrics  recycled, tinted  of stories.

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